Things That Annoys Shoppers And Sell Is Dropped.


Things That Annoys Shoppers And Sell Is Dropped.

Have you ever wanted to pay for something online but later could not because the website required a lot of registration information and had no option for a one click payment ?or maybe returning to your previous choice was difficult due to the absence of seamless cash out button? .In today’s world online companies and businesses have taken over the globe. According to statistics, better consumer experiences can increase sells by up to 30%. Hence online companies always want to know how to increase sells and how to avoid buyer’s dissatisfaction and complain. Online shopping today involves purchasing goods and services using a one click payment option. This implies that there is no face to face experience during online transactions. This means most business owners most at times cannot identify difficulties faced by their customers. Also during the purchasing rocess, some websites make it difficult for buyers to return to a previous pages due to lack of a seamless cashout option. Other dissatisfaction issues may occur due to credit card machine failure, prolonged payment processes and fraud .Most of these issues occur due to the lack of a secured payment gateway system like the 3D secure 2.0 offered by PayQ. No matter how good your product or service is, no one will love to visit your website if they know they are going to have a hard time. Knowing and understanding customers need is at the center of every successful business.


The nature and presentation of a particular website has a lot to do with customer satisfaction. The following points can be noted.

Slow websites are highly detested by consumers. That is, if a consumer clicks on the pages of a website and it delays to respond for a couple of minutes due to a host problem. Also the lack of faster payment options like the one click payment option and the seamless checkout option delays purchase and discourages consumers.

Customers hate to navigate through a particular website for long in search of a particular Item. Your website should divide items into categories. As well as provide one click payment option when a customer’s wants to return to their previous option. Also the accessibility of website on mobile devices is very important. For some websites, the display of Items on computer and mobile phones are completely different. Mobile commerce will have around 40% share of the total business that is done online, soon. The share will only increase in future. Apart from the PC version, your online business should also have a responsive, intuitive and consumer friendly mobile App. That said ,the display of items on mobile phones should be accessible.

. When an order takes a longer time than expected to get confirmed after the money has been deducted from the customer’s account, it could be very annoying .This is especially annoying when a customer has to go through a long payment procedure. It is highly recommended to use a fast speed gateway system such as the PayQ system. Also the use of the one click payment option is highly recommended due to the fact that before any payment you must insert a password. This will help reduce instances of chargebacks due to double payments.

Out of stock items on display is simply a waste of time as consumers are forced to click and spend time on what the online merchant store may not have. This can discourage any incentive for future purchase on the site.

Consumers who are security conscious of theft and fraudsters take keen interest to know how protected a particular website is before they release their card details for any form of payment.The advancement of security gateways has made it possible to run a safe and secured payment of a particular product and service on line. The most advance secure future is the 3D secure 2.0 security future.

  • 3D Secure 2.0

3D secure 2.0 protect buyers from unauthorized users when shopping online. It enables buyers to validate the transactions they make over the internet by requesting a personal code. This code is usually sent to your cell phone or email address as a onetime pin. This system protects against fraudulent transactions by unauthorized individuals. Merchant can benefit from the 3D secure 2.0 feature that is offered today by PayQ. The feature
adds another layer of security to the online transactions. The use of SSL technology is now basic. The payment gateway system should be compliant with the latest PCI: DSS 3.0 norm, and it is better if it has more/additional security features..

Providing customer service is one of the most powerful customer retention tools. Late delivery of product and late issue of payment receipts can make potential customers or buyers never to return to a particular online platform. Also refusal or failure to attend to customer problem by the customer service personnel’s frustrates and annoys customers and discourages any future engagements.


1. KNOW WHO IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER FOR A PRODUCT: It is important to know age, sex, marital status and whether or not they may be religious sensitive.
2. WHAT CLASS OF PEOPLE ARE THEY: upper or middle class or even lower class
3. WHY DO THEY BUY A PARTICUAR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: This will help you identify customer’s needs and hence be able to correlate it with a particular product or service.
4. WHEN DO THEY USAULLY BUY: For small business owners this will help them to scale up their businesses. These will enable them develop tactical methods of approach or advertisement when the right time approaches.
5. HOW DO THEY USAULLY PAY FOR WHAT THEY BUY: For specific online products and services some buyers may like to pay using crypto currencies, credit cards or checks.

6. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOUR POTENTIAL BUYERS HAVE? This will help you match their needs with your offering.
7. WHAT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD WHEN THEY BUY? Do well to appreciate your customers.
8. WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT YOU? Even though getting feed back over an online buyers experience may be a difficult task try as much as possible to always know about what your customers think about you.
9. WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT YOUR COMPETITORS? In this world of services and online marketing, there is an ever pressing need to be above your competitors in all you do. Hence it is important to identify your competitors and know why they have an added advantage.

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