UK Start up PayQ is ready to enter Indian Market as Non banking financial institution


UK Start up PayQ is ready to enter Indian Market as Non banking financial institution

From cherishing an unpretentious ambition of earning just $1,000 a month to building a Public limited Fintech start up with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $100 Million recorded in FY 2019, Shibabrata Bhaumik, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PAYQ, started in 2017; having its flagship presence in United Kingdom and in different parts of European Union and has been recently nominated as the top 10 promising startup up of London by NBC and FOX in early 2020.

If Shibabrata acquires the financial license from RBI and fulfills the protocols of other Governing Body, PayQ will be likely to enter the Indian market as a NBFC and a principal payment processor and acquiring company, partnering with local Indian banks for accepting payments for Indian merchants worldwide.

So far the biggest payment processor like PayU and CC Avenue can accept only domestic payments for Indian merchants, if PayQ expands it roots in India, it will be a Game changer specially for Indian merchants who pacts with high risk businesses like gaming, digital goods and services ,PC tech support, Online Pharmacy and many more.

Last year in 2019, Shibabrata declined a potential merger of $10.8 million from one of the top 5 EU banks and established himself and the company more valuable marque and established a brand, much ahead than the competing established European fintech companies like BrainTree Payment, company operated by PayPal and Paydiant, an e-Wallet platform which offers mobile payments and was acquired by PayPal in 2015 for $280 million.

"I would like to dedicate the expansion of the current state of PayQ to my fellow teammates of PayQ and ex- PayQer's who made this possible in a short span of three years", says Shibabrata Bhaumik.

Bhaumik continues, “Honestly speaking, I was distraught of the very fact that we don't have much of global payment acceptance company in India. From childhood I was inspired by PayPal, Adyen, Visa and Mastercard and I was astonished how those guys with just a laptop and a small team could able to add so much value to the global economy; where in we in India are still stuck into the traditional domestic payment acceptance and the cross border transactions are still considered as high risk payment by the traditional banks. I wanted to establish the fact that innovations does not only happen in Silicon Valley it might happen in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai or Bangalore. I wanted to ascertain that my company PayQ to have a track record where after 10 years if people look back at evolution of online payments, they could able to recognize PayQ as the prominent company that changed the trajectory of Indian payments. Just the way people conceive Japan as a great electronics building nation and China as the leading electronic manufacturer, India should also evolve as advance digital India where cross border transactions are not counted as High risk by the traditional banks.”

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