What motivates you?

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I saw an opportunity to improve the way people shop online specially how the traditional acquirers are still using the old payment system wrapped up with modern graphic user interphase, so I innovated procedures and security measures and built an online payment system which works seamlessly for any domestic or international transaction with any hassle

Strong analytical and presentation skills with the ability to engage and influence people, Shibabrata Bhaumik is soldering on innovative way of payments and settlements to merchants across the globe. He has leveraged on the gap he has found over the years working in the financial sector and the gap is what he has worked tirelessly to solve. That solution is embodied in PayQ. Because he began his career with a "desire to build, innovate and improve"

Bhaumik studied the way in which financial transactions were conducted and found opportunity to make them better in a more secured environment without much hassle to the end user.

Mostly my motivation comes from my adoring family, by beloved and my friends who supported me in the darkest hour.
It furnishes you with an extremely exceptional perspective of the world that others mostly don't see. For instance, Steve Jobs had the vision of a telephone with one button on the front. Jeff Bezos of Amazon had a dream for a store that sold everything.

My most grounded enthusiasm is serving many small businesses and people and their family associated with them. Initially, everyone thought I was insane for trusting that a small team that can develop a payment system that can challenge the traditional way of accepting online card payments.

And when the same team delivered such a powerful Payment Platform PayQ, it was a dream came true for all of us.

Stop and ask yourself: What is your true Motivation in life?

Passion, Money or Power?

What makes you excited about what you are doing?
The difference between those who push through difficult times and those who do not is the motivation.

You may believe that when your business achieves certain stage or certain achievement, you have a greater spending; you'll at that point to choose to have an effect. Try not to pause!

Begin from the earliest starting point. Early in our business we made giving and helping other people a key piece of our motivation. In the event that having an effect is a key piece of your business from the very first moment, you will have an effect on somebody's life consistently.


“Bhaumik is a gifted & shrill capitalist; excellent negotiator with a rare combination of patience, spunk and research skills.”

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Why PayQ is different?

How PayQ attracts young dynamic minds?
“PayQ” defines work culture as more of fun oriented than 8 hours of tiring works. He believes in offering competitive salaries and unique benefits in order to retain unique staff members. His bottom line is that you don’t just invest in your business, you also invest in those who run it.
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While emerging with PayQ , one thing that capture most of my enthusiasm is being a venture capitalist, I see hundreds of new and small scale businesses thrive and nourish online with excellent competencies by young and dynamic entrepreneurs. I get the privilege to have an interesting conversation with founders and review their business plan, being their Payment Partner and underwrite their business and see them growing over the years.

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